Techno? Techyess! by Shelley Johannson


Photo by Steve Meunier

This article was featured in NightCulture Magazine, Issue 2.

People have been ripping up dance floors to pumping techno since the late 80s (Listen to Inner City – Big Fun, a tune I believe started a rave-olution) and is on a steady rise to the top of the electronic music scene. To understand where this style of music is going we have to know where it came from. The energetic and tough sound known as ‘techno’ was born in abandoned warehouses and shaped by unconventional individuals seeking adventure. Most weren’t old enough to get into clubs so they would set up raves in factories creating a space for people to listen to this kind of music and from there a culture began.

When I first ventured to after hours, I saw people coming together for music and the social aspect that was built around the music. I didn’t want to just be apart of it; I wanted to contribute so I plunged into DJing and production. Dance music draws forth feelings of inspiration and unification to something bigger than one’s self reaching beyond the walls of a night club. I believe this is one of the reasons why the techno scene is doing well, because of the formation of a culture with people who feel connected with the music.

You don’t just listen techno, you love and breathe it. You want everything that express who you are as a person to shout techno!

In my opinion record labels such as Drumcode, MOOD, Octopus Records, Suara and Toolroom are a few examples of power-houses building solid communities. Contributing to the robust techno scene by delivering innovative music, being in fashion, incorporating lifestyle with art and technology. They also successfully entertain, educate and engage a fan base that habitually tune into their social media outlets. Some labels have so much personality, they could be actual people with whom you would want to party with. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, techno has no barriers and is expanding. Notable labels have wrapped a “coolness” factor with this style of music, creating a demand that more people would like to be associated with.

Techno started out in the dark underground, but because of its popularity, it is being brought into the light – literally!


Internationally recognized festivals such as Awakenings, BPM, Movement and Time Warp are luring techno music enthusiasts to attractive party destinations to celebrate the culture. It’s amazing to feel a sense of belonging and techno grabs onto people and says “How would you like to be apart of something?”. Big festivals support the growth of this sound by bringing many people together and exposing them to the genre. Even large scale EDM festivals cannot ignore the in-demand sound and are announcing more and more techno stages.

I believe that techno isn’t a fad but a staple which all other dance music genres pull elements from.

The virtual scene has enhanced and shifted our musical experiences by building online communities where information is exchanged. Techno has been embraced for years and we are now witnessing the rise of this genre. We can share news about what’s happening in dance music involving artists, shows and releases more efficiently. Techno will continually push forward; innovative music has always been linked to technology.

To sum it all up, the state of techno is alive with a thumping pulse. It’s healthy, thriving, and becoming more popular thanks to passionate labels spreading the good word via radio, lifestyle and fashion. Festivals are creating a space for techno music to be heard on a large scale, as well as technological advancements in music sharing. People want something real and I believe that’s exactly what techno is.

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