NightCulture Magazine Interview: Saint Clair


This interview was featured in NightCulture, Issue 3.

Photos by Nick Dale


Georgia Sinclair AKA Saint Clair is an Australian DJ and producer.


NightCulture: You are originally from Australia. How did you end up in California?

Saint Clair: I’ve known since I was a teenager that I wanted to live in America. I knew that music and show-biz was my calling, so to me, moving to LA was never a question. The question wasn’t if it was going to happen, but when it was going to happen. I wanted to ‘tick a few boxes’ off first in Australia so I started my musical journey there. People often ask me how I learned to DJ? Simple, I borrowed some decks from a friend, asked him to give me a crash course in how all the buttons worked, and sat down at my kitchen bench and practiced, practiced, practiced… then practiced some more. It’s like learning a musical instrument, so the only thing that will make you better is time and dedication. Once I felt like I was good enough, I decided it was time to play my first gig. Around the same time, a Melbourne newspaper asked me if I would play at their Christmas Party. I was instantly hooked and I knew this was my calling. Over the next few years I hustled until eventually I was at a level where I felt like I was ready to cross the pond to the USA. 14 months ago I made the big move. I’m fortunate enough to say that America welcomed me with open arms. Wade Crescent and John Terzian from H. Wood Group gave me my first big break, regularly featuring me at a few of their hotspots in LA. Then came Vegas, where Jesse Waits gave me a shot at Tryst. After I had been playing in Vegas for a few months, another nightclub legend and dear friend of mine, Alex Cordova, phoned Sujit [Kundu] from SKAM Artist to tell him about me. The rest is history. Sujit is the man! SKAM opened the doors for me and I’ve worked hard to make the most of every opportunity. Now I’m fortunate enough to be averaging 4-6 flights per week, traveling between some of the hottest clubs and events in the country (and sometimes out of the country). I’ve seen some amazing cities, met the best people and played for some epic crowds. I’m literally living my dream and I’m extremely grateful that I can!


NightCulture: How did you get started with DJing and electronic music?

Saint Clair: To this day, I remember how I felt the first time I experienced a live DJ. I was 11, attending a disco for under-age kids in Melbourne. The energy was electric, like nothing I had ever experienced before. We were all below the legal drinking age, so everyone was sober which (for me) made it pure. Kids were dancing and clapping everywhere, almost nobody was standing still. Then there was this guy in the DJ booth controlling it all. He was a rockstar. Every move he made controlled the crowd. I was addicted. It wasn’t long after that day that I started “promoting” these events to my school friends. I didn’t mind what I did in the club scene; I would have mopped the floor. I just wanted to be involved. I asked around and at the time female DJ’s were almost non-existent, so I thought that was out of reach for me. Before I finally plucked up the courage to go against the grain and actually learn to DJ I had worked just about every job in a club, including programming music. I was good at since music was my life. I would listen all day and all night. I remember as a teenager I used to play trance and house music to put myself to sleep. It would stay on all night and drive my poor mother nuts.

NightCulture: Who are some of your influences?

Saint Clair: Definitely trance music and old school hip-hop. Both were huge when I was a kid and I was equally passionate about both. I loved everything from Biggie and Tupac to Tiesto and Chicane. I remember going to a Naughty by Nature concert and thinking they were the coolest guys I’d ever seen! I still play their music.

NightCulture: What are three of your favorite current tracks?

Saint Clair: Antidote by Travis Scott, Hit The Quan by iHeart Memphis, and any track by Jamie XX.


NightCulture: Do you have a favorite brand of DJ headphones?

Saint Clair: Friends make super cute ones, but they’re more for every day use. For DJing, I’ve got this dirty old pair of Pioneer headphones, which were my first set. Every time I get a new pair I end up going back to them but I was only thinking today that it really is time to upgrade. I’m open to suggestions.

NightCulture: Do you have any favorite fashion or clubwear labels?

Saint Clair: My style doesn’t really change much no matter what I’m up to. I live in denim and sneakers. I’m literally obsessed with Nike’s. Comfort is really important to me as I like to be able to enjoy my DJ sets and move around a lot. Actually I just bought a really dope pair today. They’re called the Air Max Thea in Desert Camo if you wanna check them out. Apart from that, I’m either in jeans of any color, denim shorts or black leather pants. My fav labels are Rag & Bone and Helmut Lang for items I’ll wear a lot. I love going to H & M and Top Shop for every day basics.

NightCulture: What are some upcoming shows you would like to mention?

Saint Clair: I’m so lucky! Sujit and Alyson at SKAM have locked down some really fun gigs to close out the year. I’m going back to back with Sam Ronson at the American Music Awards after-party this Sunday, November 22nd. Then after Thanksgiving I’m off to play at M in Honolulu. I’m super excited for that one. Not only does it look like a dope club, but I get to go Hawaii!

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