NightCulture Magazine Interview: Keys ‘N Krates


Interview by Danielle Ungermann

This interview was featured in NightCulture, Issue 2.

We’re not sure when along the way in their journey they were dubbed as EDM’s lords of Trap, but Toronto-based Keys N Krates have been showing the scene for a while now that they’re more than just a one-sound trio. Having formed back in 2008, Adam Tune, David Matisse, and Jr. Flo have brought out a unique blend of their infamous deep bass sound with hip hop, live sampling, and sweet synth vibrations that could’ve only come together through their eclectic music backgrounds.

Their most recent hit, Save Me, shows that they’re having just as much fun ever. With a record summer behind them, Keys N Krates has us excited for the next evolution in their journey.

NightCulture: Each of your individual work is so different from each other, how did you guys first meet and end up working together?

Jr. Flo: Matisse and I met through a mutual friend Abby who introduced us. We started jamming in keys and turntables and then Matisse brought Tune into play drums. They had went to college together.

NightCulture: In any creative endeavor, you go through a period of producing just absolute crap before you really find your sound. How long was the period before it came together for you?

Adam Tune: We feel like we really hit our stride with the “lucid dreams” ep. Everything before was us kinda learning how to produce.

NightCulture: Many say that your sound has evolved over the last couple years. Do you agree with that? And if so, how would you explain your evolution? What factors have been influential in your growth?

David Matisse: We would hope so! The evolution has been natural because we are trying to develop our own sound that references the things we like but stands far enough away from those references that it’s our own sound.

NightCulture: What are some of your most memorable experiences together? What’s the strangest thing that’s happened while on tour?

Jr. Flo: Coachella was probably one of the most memorable and intense experiences. The weirdest was that naked gal jumping on my back last winter in Tampa. 2015 was a good year!

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