NightCulture Magazine Interview: Excision


Photo by Fadewood Studios.

This interview was featured in NightCulture, Issue 3.

Interview by Brittany Slipko.


Excision is dubbed the king of dubstep, but he’s way more than that. Breaking into the scene in early 2012, Jeff Abel has quickly been labeled as one of the top producers of dub. His metal influences paired with his intricate stage visuals creates a once in a life-time experience for any dubstep lover. Excision recently sat down with NightCulture to discuss his new tour “The Paradox”, early influences, and his upcoming year.

NightCulture: “The Paradox Tour” just kicked off, how did you team up with Bear Grillz and Figure for this tour?

Excision: Every tour stop is its own experience and I always want to share the stage with artists who can bring their own unique sound to the dance floor. There are a lot of fans who are coming out to see the new stage and I want to make sure the entire show – not just my set – tells them a complete story. Figure and Bear Grillz both throw down and are a great fit for the tour.

NightCulture: What are you most excited about for this tour? Are there any specific places you’re thrilled to visit?

Excision: I’m just stoked to share this new stage production experience with fans. We have been working on this for well over a year, my team has put so much work into this and we have all been working in overdrive to get everything ready for the 2016 tour.


Photo by Julian Bajsel.

NightCulture: We have read you are unveiling your new stage “The Paradox”, how does this compare to “The Executioner” stage?

Excision: It differs quite a bit from “The Executioner” stage as “The Paradox” is LED-based and modular meaning we can adapt it to fit into different venues depending on their size. Over the last few years we’ve been tracking all of the things we wished “The Executioner” stage could do, and we’ve rolled every one of them into “The Paradox”.

NightCulture: What new features and technology will “The Paradox” design showcase?

Excision: The last stage was a 3D video mapped/projection-driven design which definitely came with its own list of limitations and challenges. “The Paradox” was created to match the intensity of my DJ sets and gives me more flexibility in various ways, as well as more ability to interact with the crowd, beyond that you’ll have to wait and experience it for yourself.

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