NightCulture Magazine Interview: Destructo


This interview was featured in NightCulture, Issue 3.

Interview by Danielle Ungermann.


If you’ve set a wishlist for shows to attend within this lifetime, chances are one Gary Richards’ famed HARD events has fallen on that list. Also know under his DJ moniker, Destructo, Richards has had his hands dipped in the electronic music scene since as far back as the early 90s where he got his start DJing and producing music out of Los Angeles. He’s since brought his unique industry perspective from his live DJ sets to throwing some of the greatest parties out there from Holy Ship! to his latest feat, HARD Day of the Dead.

Through Destructo, Richards is bringing his nostalgia of the early days in his career and pairing it with his love for starting to the party.

NightCulture: Where did the name Destructo come from?

Destructo: It’s from way back in the day when I first started. I use to break things such as mixers, sound systems, etc. I have changed a lot since then, but the name always stuck.

NightCulture: What’s something most people don’t know about your musical background?

Destructo: I played drums for a few years when I was a teenager, and I’m a big fan of rock and metal.


NightCulture: You’re a DJ and event promoter, not to mention one of the masterminds behind some pretty kickass events like Holy Ship and HARD— how do you balance it all?

Destructo: It’s really tough, but I have a great team, and I’m pretty solid with time management, so I have learned how to balance everything out.

NightCulture: You’ve gotten to work with some other pretty talented producers like Skrillex, Diplo, and BoysNoize, what’s a collaboration you’d like to make happen next?

Destructo: I want to do a tune with Dr. Dre.

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