NightCulture Magazine Interview: Andrew Rayel


Photo by Jacob van Rozelaar

Interview by Brittany Slipko

This interview was featured in NightCulture, Issue 2.

Andrew Rayel’s career took off as soon as he entered the music scene and it’s no surprise why. As a young producer, Rayel was signed onto Armada Music where he quickly rose to the top. With huge tours and multiple albums under his belt, Rayel stays a humbled and talented artist that attracts fans from around the world. Dubbed one of trance’s best rising stars, Andrew Rayel talks his early career, performing, and his take on becoming a successful artist.

NightCulture: You first signed onto Armin van Buuren’s record label, Armada Music, back in 2009. What was it like to get your first jump start on your musical career with such an influential person in the electronic community?

Andrew Rayel: Armin has been a mentor and a friend to me since day one of my career and I have learned so much from such an iconic man in the industry. It has been nothing but a pleasure to be able to work alongside such a man himself, and to be able to have Armada as my home label is something any artist would be lucky to have a big label such as Armada to help in cataloging and pushing your music the right way, so I’m truly thankful and blessed on how things have turned out.

NightCulture: What was tour life like back then versus what it is today?

Andrew Rayel: A huge difference. From playing in a small club or pub in my home country or warming up to the international act that is coming to being in one of the world’s biggest festivals, or clubs with thousands of hands in the air, as well as travelling around the world and experiencing new cultures and the chance to see what I am able to see is a dream come true and I’m very lucky to be able to do what I am doing today, and that’s only for one reason… my fans.

NightCulture: What is one of your favorite places to visit or favorite things to do while on tour?

Andrew Rayel: To be honest I don’t have a favorite place as I love every country I have the chance to visit and to play for my fans. Every country has its own unique thing to offer and I take it all in from every visit that I do.

NightCulture: Do you ever see yourself going in a direction other than Trance? What sub-genre would you like to tap into?

Andrew Rayel: Trance will be always the genre that will be close to my heart. I LOVE it. It has something that no other genre has, however I am always open minded on evolving a track or sound and experimenting with several things because as an artist you have to… you know? Music is such a diverse world and the beauty of it is to explore it and see what you can do with it, rather than being on one sound and doing the same thing every time… how would any person evolve in life if you actually keep on doing the same thing every day?

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