An Interview with EDX in Dallas!

Before EDX joins you tonight at Stereo Live Dallas, we had the opportunity to chat briefly with the dance music icon who is preparing to celebrate his 20th Anniversary Year in LA this month. Check out the interview below to get a little insight on EDX, how he got his start & record label, & more.

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What got you into dance music?

While studying in Zurich I met some friends who were into the music, they had their own studios and introduced me to this whole new world. I was immediately hooked, just in awe of how free you could be and how cool it was to experiment with different sounds. My earlier influencers were actually outside of dance music – they stemmed from my love of other genres like rock and classical music.

How do you think the Dallas dance music scene has evolved over recent years?

The Texas scene has been always very rewarding to me, music is very in the center and people are super dedicated to this sub-culture. I am always really looking forward to returning to cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston etc.

If you could have done anything differently during your career, what would it be?

Well there are many things indeed, but I’m pretty happy with most of my decisions and direction taken during all these years. I was always driven by music and my quality vision, this sometimes can limit yourself but I think especially when you talk music it’s very important to stay true to what represents your music the most. To be sincere I was pretty lucky overall and thankful for this.

We noticed you are putting on a special anniversary show in LA this November. Could you give us any insight into what you have planned?

It’s EDX releasing music since over 20 years and more… California and especially LA have been good to me and my music over the last decade, it’s been always a give and receive relationship with my fans and this made the decision very easy for us to pick LA for my very unique EDX – Two Decades show this year. We have added just this week LA based VICEROY to my very special guest lineup and there will be more surprises for the audience attending the event. Don’t miss out.

Your radio show ‘No Xcuses’ has become more active in recent years, hosting stages & more around the world. How was that experience and was there any specific reason that spurred the development of the brand?

The main idea behind the radio show back then was to give something back to my fans, something for free every week for them to look forward to. Then a few years ago we started doing our weekly residency in Ibiza, we did a lot of pop up events all over the world, we’ve been in Miami for WMC for the last 5 years, EDC in Vegas and many more shows in various cities all over the world. Developing it has been nothing short of rewarding!

How do you feel about the increase in Spotify & other streaming music services? Do you feel they have a positive or negative effect on dance music artists?

I’m the lucky one that over the last 2 decades has experienced all the various formats/configurations and distribution channels; the digital revolution and now streaming worldwide take over. Thanks to the digital revolution, artists including myself have gotten the chance to make their music available to a much larger audience via a much easier channel, faster and more targeted. Social Media is a huge factor, that made the journey more challenging but as well much more diverse. Now here we are facing a much bigger competition and a generation that is listening to their own playlist, filled up with their favourite tunes. A piece of art, I see in an album release has lost the power that it used to have until now with the new single track streaming generation. All over a new welcoming challenge for every single artist out there. Music is all over the place, accessible to everyone more than ever.

You just released your latest single Runnin’ on your label Enormous Tunes. Can you tell us a little bit of what inspired this release? And how has having your own record label affected your career as an artist in dance music?

I’ve been releasing so much music this year, it’s my two decades as EDX music year and I really want it to be something special. The feedback and love for my music has been bigger than ever before. With “Runnin’“ I’m routing this great year off with a much more radio driven single that still works well for the dance floor. It’s been a diverse year and I am so thankful for all the amazing support all over the globe. Being able to work very close with my Sirup Music family and label make the journey so joyful. I wouldn’t be able to make this all happen without a strong team behind me taking care to put things on the right track.

Catch him performing tonight at Stereo Live Dallas! Buy Tickets


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